Why is defensible space important?

3 Why is defensible space important?

When you consider that 75% of Napa County’s 500,000 acres is considered a high hazard fire environment, and that over 250,000 acres of Napa County have burned over the past 60 years of recorded fire history, the connection to fire preparedness and survival becomes more obvious. Many areas have burned more than once in the last century. We live in the type of environment that has and will support large, intense, and uncontrollable wildfires.

The good news is that there is a way to live with fire and survive. It’s all about planning and taking responsibility for our personal safety and the safety of our neighbors.

For our discussion, we are breaking up defensible space into four vegetation management zones. Each zone is established at a particular distance and is designed to affect the behavior of a wildfire entering the outermost zone. From wildland to residence, we want to reduce the heat output and burning characteristics of the fuels.

Fire Hazard Severity Zones in SRA.
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Napa County Area Mapped Fire History
1940-2005. Click to enlarge

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